Hellas Verona Training Session Features The Greatest Rabona Goal Ever Scored

Serie B’s Hellas Verona training session featured one of the finest and rarest rabona goals ever captured on film.

The rabona method of kicking the ball hardly ever results in anything other than a change of possession. While many ridiculously talented players have successfully performed a rabona in competition, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Arjen Robben, it’s extremely rare that the method leads to anything apart from a largely ineffective attempt at crossing the ball.

More than being an effective striking method, it’s generally utilized as a demonstration of personal ability and tekkers.

However, a Hellas Verona training session in Italy did show the potential of a perfectly struck rabona. You can tell the player was dead set on utilizing his right leg, but the method did allow him to get the power and accuracy needed to chip the keeper and send the ball flying into the far post.


Plus, it allowed his teammates to appreciate his brilliance, everyone going absolutely mental to celebrate the goal while the camera operator can be heard chuckling with delight. 

The joyous mood in Verona is also represented in the table. Verona currently sit atop Italy’s Serie B, the country's second division, with 20 points from their opening nine matches.

Verona were relegated to Serie B after finishing 20th last season with only five wins from 38 Serie A matches.

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