Lazy Kickoff Leads To Opponent Scoring In 6 Seconds

Tunisian club gave us a perfect example of how to screw up a kickoff as Ghazi Ayedi scored in 6 seconds.

Unlike American football, kicking off is an advantage in soccer. At least, it’s supposed to be. You can pass to a teammate and start an attack or just lump the ball forward and run after it in the opponent’s end. Regardless, you shouldn’t give up the fastest goal ever scored when you kick off. But CS Sfaxien didn't get the memo.

Sfaxien, known as the Juventus of the Arabs, kicked off against Club Africain in the Tunisian Super League and got it all wrong. The slow back pass was immediately intercepted by Ghazi Ayedi, who stormed ahead without any Sfaxien players bothering to step forward to play defense. From about 25 yards out, Ayedi launched a shot that, despite the quality of the video, did in fact go in after just 6 seconds. 

A goal in 6 seconds. That’s ridiculously fast. I can’t tie my shoes in 6 seconds never mind score a goal. Terens Puhiri could probably dribble the length of two fields in 6 seconds, but he's seemingly superhuman.

Club Africain went on to win the match 2-1, which isn’t really surprising. It would be incredibly demoralizing to start a match trailing after just 6 seconds. 

It was the fastest goal ever in the history of the Tunisian Super League. Stunningly, it wasn’t the fastest goal ever or even the fastest goal this year. Earlier in 2017 in a junior match between Maryhill and Clydebank in Scotland, Gavin Stokes scored in 2.1 seconds. That is considered the fastest goal on record. 

Given the distance between the goal and the center of the pitch, it’s unlikely anyone could do much better. To score from midfield, let’s say 50 meters from the goal, in two seconds, the ball must travel 25 meters per second, which is equivalent of 56 miles per hour. 

Ayedi’s goal merely went 50 meters in 6 seconds, or 18.6 mph, but it was still freakin’ fast, especially considering Club Africain didn’t even kick off. 

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