Goalkeeper Throws Ball Into Own Net, Tries To Pretend That He Didn't

A goalkeeper in the Ethiopian Premier League worked on his acting chops after throwing the ball into his own net.

The number one rule of being a goalkeeper is DO NOT THROW THE BALL INTO YOUR OWN NET. There are other rules of being a goalkeeper, of course, but that is the main one. It really isn't that complicated or abstract or difficult to understand.

Unless you're this poor guy in the Ethiopian Premier League, that is. He threw the ball into his own net, realized what a horrible blunder he had made and (this is one of the ballsiest things I have ever seen) PRETENDED THAT HE HADN'T JUST THROWN THE BALL INTO HIS OWN NET.

The gall! The nerve! The audacity! This man has a bright future in politics, that much is clear. Business too, probably.

Jose Mourinho is going to sign this guy just to do press conferences for him.

He better start working on his Academy Awards acceptance speech so as not to run over the alotted time. Daniel Day-Lewis, eat your heart out.

This might be as good as the goalkeeper who pretended to be unconscious to try to avoid a red card.

(H/T The Guardian)

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