Cavani Hits Spectacular Bicycle Kick, But We’re More Impressed With The AR

What a goal from the Uruguayan striker, but what a call from the linesman!

Here’s an argument against the Video Assistant Referee: having assistant referees that are 100% infallible. During Uruguay’s friendly against the Czech Republic today (it’s technically the China Cup), Edinson Cavani scored an absolute banger that, when watching live, looked miles offside.

We never give assistant referees enough credit when they greatly contribute to positive, attacking football, but the linesman absolutely nailed one of the most difficult calls in the game here, and now we have a memorable goal that stands to show for it.

It’s the right back that plays Cavani onside, but it’s difficult to spot because (1) he’s on the far side of the pitch, opposite the linesman and (2) the defenders are moving up the pitch to create a high line while the football is moving in the opposite direction, creating a hellish spectacle for the AR. 

But the linesman nailed it, and El Matador has now enriched the world of football because of it. 

Uruguay won the match 2-0 and will play Wales in the final of the friendly competition. 

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