Watch Luis Suarez Create Barcelona’s Second Goal Without Touching The Ball

Ousmane Dembele put Barcelona up 2-0 on Chelsea after a brilliant run by Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi scored the opener before Chelsea really touched the ball. Luis Suarez created Barcelona's second without touching the ball. Ousmane Dembele put Barcelona up 2-0 in the 20th minute on Wednesday, putting the Blaugrana up 3-1 on aggregate in their Champions League Round of 16 tie, and Suarez deserves much of the credit. 

The goal came on a direct counter from a Chelsea attack. Messi stole the ball from Fabregas at midfield, dribbled past two defenders and then laid the ball square for Dembele to smash home. Suarez never actually touches the ball but his movement allowed Dembele to come down the left flank unnoticed and unmarked.

Dembele goal vs Chelsea

Lionel Messi celebrates the Ousmane Dembele goal vs Chelsea. Photo: @ChampionsLeague | Twitter

Watch again from another angle to see how Suarez’s unselfish burst toward the right side of the box draws all of the Chelsea defenders to him, leaving acres of space for a touch and smash.

Luis Suarez, without even touching the ball, managed to throw off the entire Chelsea defense off the scent like LeBron James faking out the Lakers.

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