Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Scores Goal His Dad Only Wishes He Could Score

Lucas Vazquez sent in an inviting cross that Cristiano Ronaldo’s son put away with a sweet bicycle kick.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is already looking like a better player than dear old dad. This impressive bicycle kick is proof.

Ronaldo’s son was messing around on the Bernabeu pitch with Marcelo’s son when Real Madrid midfielder Lucas Vazquez lobbed a ball into the box for the two boys. Ronaldo Jr. measured his leap and flung his boot around at the ball for a perfectly executed bicycle kick goal. 


We’re a bit disappointed Jr. didn’t run around and celebrate and make it all about him like his father, but we’ll just appreciate the beauty of the shot, even if there weren’t any nets on the goal. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is already scoring on bicycle kicks better than his father. When was the last time Cristiano Ronaldo scored a bicycle kick? Just check out this compilation of Ronaldo mostly missing bicycle attempts as a reminder of how spectacularly he fails when compared to the brilliance of his son. 

How about that assist though from Vazquez? The 26-year-old who could be replaced by Christian Pulisic has seven assists in LaLiga this season. His best assist for Los Blancos, however, has to be this delightful cross for young Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., whose finish was far better than Ronaldo’s header against PSG on Tuesday, also assisted by Vazquez. 

We’re just going to mark it down here first for you to come back and read in 20 years: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. will win more Ballon d’Ors than his father.

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