Christian Eriksen Might Just Win The World Cup By Himself

Watching Christian Eriksen play soccer is a pleasant sort of experience.

Denmark are 80-1 outsiders at the World Cup, and that makes sense — Nicklas Bendtner remains the nation’s premier striker. However, you could waste $5 in a myriad of dumber ways than by throwing it on the Danish Dynamite. Here’s how Denmark could win the Cup: Kasper Schmeichel brings the 2015-16 Leicester City hoodoo, and Christian Eriksen is just the best version of himself for a month.

It’s possible that these things happen, and your $5 becomes $400. 

As evidence, I submit the above video, which is just Eriksen doing Eriksen things earlier today. 

If you’re not entirely sold on the idea of a guy from the town of Middelfart, Denmark, being the best midfielder on the planet, I submit his performance against Ireland in Dublin as undeniable proof that that’s the case.  

The lad from Middelfart.

Seriously though, Denmark could win the World Cup. And their jerseys are manufactured by Hummel. What's not to like here?

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