Bitter Englishman: Hates The Decline Of Grassroots Football

The18's John Lally is angry about the Premier League not funding the youth system.

Kenny Saunders, the Founder of the Save Grassroots Football Campaign, said: “We ask our kids to play football on pitches that the Dutch wouldn’t even let their cattle graze on, it’s a national disgrace.” Grassroots football is the backbone of the Premier League, however, the Premier League are letting this slip. The main issue is that 5% from premier league to grassroots was never honoured. Now we have substandard facilities and resources across the country. 4.46 billion  Pounds not dollars for 160 games, that's 9.3 Million pounds per game. If England poured more money into grassroots and youth programs, not only would the clubs get better, but the national team too. We might even be able to make it out of our group at the World Cup one of these days. Football should be for the kids!

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