Abby Wambach Challenges Usain Bolt In Remake Of Gatorade’s “I Can Do Better” Ad

The stars of the original — Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan — make a cameo appearance.

In a remake of Gatorade’s iconic 1997 commercial that pitted Michael Jordan against Mia Hamm, USWNT legend Abby Wambach challenges eight-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt in the new Gatorade Zero campaign “I Can Do Better”. 

The two stars face off in a number of sports and physical activities, and there’s also a brief cameo from both Jordan and Hamm at the end. 

The commercial serves to introduce a new innovation: Gatorade Zero with Protein, “which has zero sugar, electrolytes for hydration and 10g of protein to help kick-start the recovery process.” 

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