The History Of The Official World Cup Match Balls

Adidas has been the official match ball sponsor of the World Cup since 1970 when they first introduced the Telstar. Here is a comprehensive list of every World Cup match ball.

Adidas has been the official match ball sponsor for the World Cup since 1970. Below is a complete guide to every World Cup ball.

As you can see, Adidas didn’t really start branching out in design until 2002. Which ball is your favorite?

1970 World Cup, Mexico - Adidas Telstar
World Cup balls
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1974 World Cup, West Germany - Adidas Telstar Durlast
World Cup balls
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1978 World Cup, Argentina - Adidas Tango Durlast
World Cup balls
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1982 World Cup, Spain - Adidas Tango Espana
World Cup Balls -Adidas Tango Espana
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1986 World Cup, Mexico - Adidas Azteca
World Cups Balls Adidas Azteca
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1990 World Cup, Italy - Adidas Etrusco
World Cup Balls - Adidas Etrusco
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1994 World Cup, United States of America - Adidas Questra
World Cup Balls Adidas Questra
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1998 World Cup, France - Adidas Tricolore
World Cup Balls Adidas Tricolore
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2002 World Cup, South Korea and Japan - Adidas Fevernova
World Cups Balls Adidas Fevernova
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2006 World Cup, Germany - Adidas Teamgeist
World Cup Balls Adidas Teamgeist
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2010 World Cup, South Africa - Adidas Jabulani
World Cup Balls Adidas Jabulani
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2014 World Cup, Brazil - Adidas Brazuca
World Cup Balls Adidas Brazuca
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2018 World Cup, Russia - Adidas Telstar18
World Cup Balls Adidas Telstar18
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