Lionel Messi's Hair And Beard Through The Years

These photos show Lionel Messi's transformation from shaggy-haired, clean-shaven youth to short-haired, bearded adult.

As Lionel Messi has grown more adult, so has his hair. Except for that blonde thing a while back. We'll get to that. Anyway, Messi's hair and beard have gradually mutated from a clean-shaven, moppy-haired boyish look to a bearded, crew-cutted mannish look. Let's take a look at how this transformation came about:

1993: Little Messi Mop
little Messi
@Globe_Soccer | Twitter
2005: Larger But Still Not Very Big Messi Mop
Messi 2005
@ADSportwereld | Twitter
2006 World Cup: Ooh It's Getting Long
Messi 2006 World Cup
@OldSchoolPanini | Twitter
2007: Oh Wow It's Getting Really Long
Messi long hair
@leomexxi | Twitter
2009: It's Short Now
Messi 2009
@UnfunnyCule | Twitter
2010 World Cup: It's A Mop Again
Messi 2010 Maradona
@theScoreFC | Twitter
Post-2010 World Cup: It's Short Again
Messi 2011
@UtdTJ | Twitter
2016: Extremely Dapper For The Copa America Centenario
Messi Sports Illustrated
@Messimaniacas_ | Twitter
Post Copa America Centenario: Look We All Have Our Phases
blonde Messi
@bibekrajgautam9 | Twitter
Present Day: Close Cropped With A Beard
Messi Argentina jersey
@MessiWorId | Twitter

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