10 Times Famous Footballers Forgot The Camera Was There

There is always someone watching, and they usually have a camera.

This is a timely reminder that no matter where you are or what you are doing, if you are a famous person there is always someone with a camera watching you.

(warning: the following list contains at least one boner, a butt and at least two instances of a man sticking his finger up another man's butt)

Chicharito Feeling The Energy Of The Universe Flow Through Him
@sandro_imanuel | Twitter

At this moment, young Chicharito is hearing a Matthew McConaughey voicover in his head explaining how all things are connected. The space-time continuum, man. Wild stuff.

Mario Gotze Has A Roll Of Quarters In His Speedo
Mario Gotze
@felipef_f | Twitter

Is that a roll of quarters in your speedo or are you just happy to see me?

Alexis Sanchez Realizing He Left The Oven On
Alexis Sanchez
@_Zeets | Twitter

We've all been there.

Alexis Sanchez Realizing He Left The Oven On (Again)
Alexis Sanchez
@SamKlomhaus | Twitter

You must stop leaving the oven on, Alexis.

Cristiano Ronaldo Doing Team Bonding
Cristiano Ronaldo
@laskoladeras | Twitter

Not sure how Marcelo felt about said team bonding, though.

Gonzalo Jara Getting All Up In Edinson Cavani's Personal Space
Gonzalo Jara
@gaf_noticias | Twitter

Prostate health is very important.

Zlatan And Gerard Pique Trying A Little Tenderness
Zlatan and Gerard Pique
@Football__Tweet | Twitter

More than a club, that Barcelona.

Joe Hart And Jack Wilshere Frolicking In A Hot Tub
Joe Hart and Jack Wilshere
@SonsuzEndorfin | Twitter

Sorry to spoil the finale of the latest season of "The Bachelor" if you haven't seen it.

A Man Auditioning To Be The Girl In The Coppertone Sunscreen Ads
coppertone lads
@FunnyFootyPhoto | Twitter

Oh, you.

Wayne Rooney And Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving It All On The Pitch
Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo
@FunnyFootyPhoto | Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo's idea of team bonding is very interesting.

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