10 Times Famous Footballers Forgot The Camera Was There

This is a timely reminder that no matter where you are or what you are doing, if you are a famous person there is always someone with a camera watching you.

(warning: the following list contains at least one boner, a butt and at least two instances of a man sticking his finger up another man's butt)

Chicharito Feeling The Energy Of The Universe Flow Through Him
@sandro_imanuel | Twitter

At this moment, young Chicharito is hearing a Matthew McConaughey voicover in his head explaining how all things are connected. The space-time continuum, man. Wild stuff.

Mario Gotze Has A Roll Of Quarters In His Speedo
Mario Gotze
@felipef_f | Twitter

Is that a roll of quarters in your speedo or are you just happy to see me?

Alexis Sanchez Realizing He Left The Oven On
Alexis Sanchez
@_Zeets | Twitter

We've all been there.

Alexis Sanchez Realizing He Left The Oven On (Again)
Alexis Sanchez

You must stop leaving the oven on, Alexis.

Cristiano Ronaldo Doing Team Bonding
Cristiano Ronaldo
@laskoladeras | Twitter

Not sure how Marcelo felt about said team bonding, though.

Gonzalo Jara Getting All Up In Edinson Cavani's Personal Space
Gonzalo Jara
@gaf_noticias | Twitter

Prostate health is very important.

Zlatan And Gerard Pique Trying A Little Tenderness
Zlatan and Gerard Pique
@Football__Tweet | Twitter

More than a club, that Barcelona.

Joe Hart And Jack Wilshere Frolicking In A Hot Tub
Joe Hart and Jack Wilshere
@SonsuzEndorfin | Twitter

Sorry to spoil the finale of the latest season of "The Bachelor" if you haven't seen it.

A Man Auditioning To Be The Girl In The Coppertone Sunscreen Ads
coppertone lads
@FunnyFootyPhoto | Twitter

Oh, you.

Wayne Rooney And Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving It All On The Pitch
Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo
@FunnyFootyPhoto | Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo's idea of team bonding is very interesting.

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