Zlatan Does His Best Chuck Norris Impression. It's Ridiculous.

Bleacher Report got Zlatan to read Zlatan facts (basically Chuck Norris jokes) on camera, and now the world is a better place.

Zlatan's full smartassery (a word we just made up) was on full display in this Bleacher Report video of Zlatan reading Zlatan facts.

For those unacquanited, Zlatan facts are akin to Chuck Norris facts (Zlatan beat the Mona Lisa in a staring competition, etc). Zlatan, it appears, is in on the joke, which makes the video even better.

The beginning of the video sets the tone: 

If you can say "I am Zlatan and this is the book of Zlatan..."

OK, but I have my own book.

(Zlatan's book, I am Zlatan, is terrific by the way)

Zlatan is the boss. And he doesn't scroll with a mouse. He uses a lion. #Zlatanfacts

(H/T Bleacher Report)

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