The World's Dirtiest Player Became A Coach. Now He's The World's Dirtiest Coach

Colombian footballer Gerardo Bedoya collected 46 red cards during his playing career, so you can guess what happened during his first game as a manager.

Gerardo Bedoya was sent off 46 times in his senior playing career. The 40-year-old Colombian is widely regarded as one of the dirtiest players of all time, and with that number it's easy to see why. 

That number is also why what happened during Bedoya's managerial debut believable, and even expected. 

Bedoya, the BBC reported, managed to get himself sent off just 19 minutes into his managerial debut because of course he did.

Maybe he should see an anger-management counselor or something. Rub his earlobes and say "woosah," perhaps. Count to 10, possibly? Whatever he's doing, it isn't working.

You know you're a dirty player when your career highlights videos feature several red cards.

Gerardo Bedoya Got Sent Off A Lot

This man needs Dr. Phil. Or Jesus.

(H/T FOX Soccer)

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