Watch: Albania’s Klaus Gjasula scores own goal and then redeems himself with 95th minute equalizer

These Euro 2024 games have been absolute cinema and provided fans with another classic on Wednesday as Croatia and Albania drew 2-2. 

Albanian substitute Klaus Gjasula had the wildest game as he scored an own goal and his side’s massive equalizer in the final minutes.

In the 72nd minute Albania led 1-0 and Gjasula was brought on to add some more security to his side’s one-goal lead. Two minutes later Croatia would equalize to make it 1-1.

Gjasula goals vs Croatia

Then just two minutes later Gjasula’s deepest nightmares came true as an unfortunate deflection saw him score an own goal to give Croatia the lead.

He’d only been brought into the game four minutes ago and he’d seen his side give up two with him scoring one. In any other tournament or league the 34-year-old’s story ends there as the poor sap who shoulders the blame for the loss.

But this is the Euros we’re talking about. A tournament to expect the unexpected, where villains can become heroes and where nothing is for certain until the final whistle blows.

As the game went into stoppage time the Croatian fans bounced as they believed they were securing a crucial three points to get their Euros back on track. Then in the 95th minute the unthinkable happened. Albania equalized.

The goal scorer was the same man who had poked the ball into his own net 20 minutes prior.

Gjasula had never scored for Albania before. What an unreal story for the defensive midfielder. He’s also the first substitute in Euro history to score at both ends of the field.

He’d have one more crucial involvement before the game ended.

After Albania’s equalizer the game became frantic with attacks at both ends. Croatia regained possession near midfield and were about to spring a counterattack. Luka Modric had the ball at midfield and only a desperate lunge from Gjasula stopped the Croatian legend.

Gjasula was given a yellow card, but it might’ve saved a point for Albania.

Albania had taken the lead in the first half with another early goal as they stunned Croatia in the 11th minute.

Wednesday’s draw sees Croatia stay bottom of the group with one point and a negative three goal difference. Albania also have one point but a superior goal difference.

Italy and Spain will battle for the top of the group on Thursday. Albania and Croatia will still have hope of advancing to the knockout stages with the top two teams in the group advancing AND the four best third-placed teams.

Croatia will need a big win against Italy on Monday to secure a spot in the knockout stages.

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