UNOZERO adds gorgeous Turf and Futsal to its boots offering — we've got an exclusive discount

The noise is unrelenting. From the moment we wake until our day's complete, we're exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads that enter our consciousness and demand consideration. The market around the game of soccer is no different, where footwear brands promise innovations that can make you stronger, faster and more powerful than you'd ever imagined — only to declare them obsolete just months later as the newest product is rolled out. We get swept away by technological "advances" and spend hundreds of dollars wrapping our feet in unforgiving synthetic plastic.

UNOZERO is different. The company focuses on quality, fit, and comfort, with a promise to offer the most comfortable boots in the game. If your boot fits properly and you're comfortable, you don't think about your shoes. You think about the game, and that's all that matters. Because their focus is not on gimmicks and the latest technological “advancements,” they focus on product launches that complement their current cleats offering. Rather than constantly replacing their products with new versions, they have carefully expanded their product offering to include boots for all types of playing surfaces.

Across its entire range of products, UNOZERO is committed to creating premium boots by using carefully selected materials, paying attention to the details and utilizing a handmade process in Italy by seasoned shoemakers. By constantly delivering on that pledge to quality, UNOZERO has built a wildly celebrated brand off a grassroots movement that's turned players into loyal followers.

"It's about having a quality product that's made in Italy in small batches, but what you get is a superior fit, a custom-like fit where you have a full leather upper that molds to your foot," says UNOZERO founder and director Sam Garzon. "At the end of the day, we have a pair of boots that allow you to play at your true peak level with no gimmicks or compromises. You're getting a high-quality product that's going to let you do your job without getting in the way."

The flagship boot is the Modelo 1.0, which comes in either black or white and features a full K-leather upper, a midsole, stitched outsole and bladed conical studs. UNOZERO set out to make the most comfortable boot in the game, and that's what the Modelo 1.0 represents.

UNOZERO Black Modelo 1.0

UNOZERO White Modelo 1.0

It's a timeless classic that's not going anywhere.

"To our portfolio, we add products to complement our offering, not to replace it," Garzon says. "As a player, as a consumer, it really bothered me that I would buy a pair of cleats and fast forward two weeks, three weeks, four weeks and all of a sudden my shoe is obsolete. I felt, in a way, cheated. So, when we introduce a product into the market, it's a product that we intend to keep for a very long time, as it serves a purpose.

"There's not going to be a version that comes out next month to replace it or in six months, no. If it's there, it's because we believe it's the right product for that application, for that field, for that player."

Key in this expansion and in the development of the cleats is UNOZERO's brand ambassador program. Every product goes through many different phases of testing, and the ambassadors become the voice of the costumer. In a sense, the UNOZERO brand belongs to the players because it's the players shaping the direction of the company.

The feedback has led directly to UNOZERO's latest offering — the DOMINIO turf shoe. Arriving just in time for winter and the move inside to artificial turf, the DOMINIO provides the perfect balance of traction, stability and comfort with a superior fit.





There's also now a highly demanded futsal option in the DENTRO, boasting a leather forefoot, an EVA and rubber outsole and a deep lacing system for a secure and custom lockdown.





If you're after quality, style and craftsmanship from a truly football-centric brand, you can now turn your attention to the classic beauty and quality of UNOZERO, with options for any pitch or court.

"For me, the biggest confirmation that we're doing something right is when we get customers who get the black Modelo 1.0 and then fast forward a year and they get their white Modelo 1.0," Garzon says. "They've found their shoe and they're not going to move away from it because that's the right fit for them. Every time we sell a pair to a new customer, it's a customer that we've won from some of the biggest brands in the world.

"We frequently take a step back and realize the tough challenge we've taken on. That being said, by doing things the right way, with attention to detail and by really caring about our customers, about our players, we’ve been able to have continued growth."

Welcome to the UNOZERO family. 

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