Toronto FC Advance To The MLS Cup Final After A Very Ludicrous Playoff Series

Toronto FC beat the Montreal Impact 5-2 to advance to the MLS Cup final 7-5 on aggregate.

Before we get to the game, can we just talk about the atmosphere in Toronto last night? That was one of the best atmospheres for a sporting event I have ever seen. It was raining, but also smoky because Toronto fans kept setting off flares in the stands. 

Honestly, we didn't know Canadians could get that rowdy. Good for them.

The atmosphere was good and the match, if anything, was even better. This was not a well-played soccer game. It was, however, a good soccer game, in terms of total chaos and excitement. Here's what happened:

Montreal went into the match leading 3-2 on aggregate, and Dominic Oduro scored a vital away goal that would have prompted premature celebrations in Montreal if this wasn't the MLS playoffs, where everything is lunacy.

Because this happened.

And then this happened.

At this point, Toronto were going through via away goals (2-1) and all they needed to do was keep Montreal from sco — hey look, what's that?

Bless the MLS's stacking of the salary cap rules so teams spend big on attackers and not much at all on defenders. It's beautiful. This time it was Montreal who just needed to keep from conceding to punch their ticket to the MLS Cup final and hey look at that.

Of course we would end up with both teams even on every tiebreaker and have to go to extra time. MOAR MLS NONSENSE PLEASE.

Toronto suffered a scare when Sebastian Giovinco limped off, replaced by Benoit Cheyrou. Their fears were remedied when he scored what ended up being the decider.

Toronto tacked on another for good measure.

Toronto will take on Seattle on December 10, and it promises to be extremely lit.

I don't care if the MLS ever gets to the level of the European leagues, just keep churning out playoff series' like this and I'll keep watching. That was awesome.

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