Striker Saves Opposing Goalkeeper's Life On The Pitch

Striker Francis Kone has a talent on the pitch that few can match: he saves lives. The Togo international, who plays for Slovacko in the Czech league, noticed the opposing keeper, Bohemians' Martin Borkovec, was lying motionless during a match Saturday. Kone ran over and prevented the man from swallowing his own tongue.

After the match, Kone said it was the fourth time he had saved someone's life on the field, with two such incidents happening in Africa and one in Thailand.

I mean, that's a lot of instances of people almost dying on soccer fields Francis Kone happened to be playing on. Not that I am suggesting anything. I know if I found myself about to swallow my tongue while unconscious on a soccer field, I'd be glad if Francis Kone was there to save me.

(H/T NBC Sports)

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