Ronaldo Rises Above His Greatest Enemy In This Surprising Personal Video

Cristiano Ronaldo deals with a disproportionate amount of attention from the media. His play is dissected and analyzed to a ridiculous degree, and his personal life operates under an even bigger microscope. No one should ever see a fresh headline linking their ex-girlfriend with Sepp Blatter, the corrupt 79-year-old currently under investigation by the FBI and an all-round terrible human being, but that is exactly what has happened to Ronaldo.

And you know what? That headline is not even that surprising. Shocking has become normal for Ronaldo, especially when it comes to the context in which his name is brought up in the moldiest of gossip rags. It’s enough to drive anyone to anger, and apparently Ronaldo has had enough. 

He recently tweeted out a video of himself, in which he sent a message to his fans thanking them for their constant support, and lambasted the media for trying to slander him. 

“Just leave me alone,” a very level headed response for someone who just had their ex accused of sleeping with one of the most hated old men in the world. 

See, world? Ronaldo isn’t an immature arrogant prick after all. 

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