Robert Lewandowski Shows He's More Than Just A Poacher In Bayern Munich Skill Videos

We’ve seen he defy time and demolish Wolfsburg’s defense for five goals in just nine minutes. We’ve seen him score several masterpieces and solidify himself as one of the best strikers in the business. Nevertheless, Bayern Munich’s Youtube page decided to give the world a little taste of another one of Robert Lewandowski’s many abilities. 

Not only is he a prolific scorer, but the Polish striker is also a pretty good juggler with the ball at his feet:

Of course, he is no Douglas Costa:

Or no Thiago:

But Lewandowski has moves!

The bottom line here is, if you love the game and have the time check out these moves from Bayern players do it, because they’re simply insane. Starting with the craziest game of juggling the soccer ball, featuring Costa, Thiago, and Rafinha:

And this show by Costa, Thiago, and Arturo Vidal:

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