Raul Jimenez Scores In Benfica Loss, They Advance To UCL Knockout Stage Anyway

Raul Jimenez scored in Benfica's 2-1 loss to Napoli, but Besiktas' amazing collapse was enough for Benfica to move into the knockout stage.

Benfica needed either a win against Napoli or a Besiktas loss to Dynamo Kiev Tuesday to advance to the Champions League knockout stage. They lost, 2-1, but Besiktas lost even worse (6-0).

The Portuguese side's lone goal was scored by Mexican international striker Raul Jimenez, who showcased just about the best-case scenario for the high press with his tackle and goal.

That's just a hustle goal, which is how good strikers bust themselves out of slumps.

This marks Jimenez's fourth goal for Benfica this season, and his form is definitely picking up after a slow start to the year.

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