Christian Pulisic gives Lazio a dose of Concacaf and gets two opponents sent off

Christian Pulisic was the spotlight of two hectic moments between AC Milan and Lazio players on Friday during the Rossoneri’s 1-0 victory. In the second half Pulisic got under the Lazio players’ skin and drew two red cards. 

The first incident saw the American dragged to the ground by Lazio defender Luca Pellegrini who was given a second yellow card and sent off. Pellegrini had already picked up a yellow card earlier in the game for a hard tackle on Pulisic.

Lazio players were furious with Pulisic in the 57th minute as they wanted play to stop after Taty Castellanos had gone down injured. The referee didn’t blow a whistle to stop the game, so Pulisic kept playing which resulted in Pellegrini performing a horse-collar type tackle to halt the American.

Pulisic draws red card vs. Lazio

This is why you play to the whistle kids.

For those who are out of the loop, the word “Concacaf” can be a slang term used as an adjective, noun and verb. The word is used to describe the peculiar and bizarre moments that seem to only happen in the North American soccer region.

In this incident fans are saying that Pulisic “Concacaf’d” Lazio.

We 100% agree. Pulisic might have just become public enemy No. 1 amongst the Lazio faithful.

The madness didn’t end there as Lazio would receive two more red cards, with Pulisic drawing yet another one. In the dying moments of stoppage time the American pulled back Lazio’s Matteo Guendouzi to halt a counterattack.

Guendouzi had a meltdown and lashed out at Pulisic punching him in the chest. The referee gave Pulisic a yellow card for the foul and a red to Guendouzi for retaliating.


Milan secured the victory with an 88th minute goal from substitute Noah Okafor to cap off a wild Friday night in Serie A.

Lazio’s third red card was given to Adam Marusic in the 94th minute for something said to the referee.

Milan and Pulisic will be back in action on Thursday in the Europa League Round of 16 first leg vs. Slavia Praha.

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