Please Continue To Look At Cristiano Ronaldo

Last week, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted you to look at him. This week, that's still what he wants.

Last week, we implored the lot of you to look at Cristiano Ronaldo.

This week, we are imploring the lop of you to keep looking at him. He really wants you to.

We believe Cristiano Ronaldo's phone is a sentient being that can crawl away from him and take photos when he're really feeling the need to be looked at with his shirt off while subtly flexing his biceps in a pose that looks totally natural and not at all contrived.

And he's really feeling it. Look at him while he's about to go to sleep. Look at him while he's sleeping. Don't sleep anymore. Sleep when you're dead. Look at Cristiano Ronaldo.

He really wants you to. 

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