Shakhtar Donetsk's Manager Dressed Like Zorro For His Post-Game Press Conference

Shakhtar Donetsk manager Paulo Fonseca showed up to his press conference in costume after his team made the Champions League knockout stage.

Shakhtar Donetsk advanced to the knockout stage of the Champions League Wednesday, finishing second in Group F. They were sandwiched by Manchester City and Napoli. As such, Fonseca showed up to his post-game press conference dressed up as fictional swashbuckler Zorro.

As one does.

Fonseca promised his team he would dress up for the press conference if they won, and they won, so he dressed up. I would like to see more of this, honestly.

Oh yes, there is video.

Bless this man. If Shakhtar advance to the quarterfinals, he should carve a "Z" into the wall with a sword. Actually, he should do that anyway.

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