Mario Balotelli Threatens To Pilot A Helicopter Over Nice If They Win Ligue 1

Nice are in first place in Ligue 1, and Mario Balotelli is daring other teams to unseat them for the good of humanity.

Mario Balotelli has threatened to do the unthinkable if his new team, Nice, win France's Ligue 1: fly a helicopter over the city.

Nice are first in the French league right now, due in part to Balotelli's return to goal-scoring form. Balotelli isn't just content with scoring goals and winning, though. He wants to plunge the world into chaos.

Here's the quote, from Mediaset (bolding ours):

"There are a lot of youngsters in the team and the coach is very good and I've found everything favourable. There's still a long way to go, but if we do win the title, I'm going to fly a helicopter over Nice."

We assume he said this menacingly.

We can think of nothing that will galvanize the rest of Ligue 1 into playing their hearts out more than the thought of Mario Balotelli piloting a helicopter.

We are now officially PSG fans. We love Mario Balotelli and think he's great and fun and a positive person to have in the world of soccer, but he must not be allowed to fly a helicopter, much less fly it near other people.

This man couldn't handle fireworks or cars. Let's not give him a helicopter. 


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