Dear fans, please don’t finger players in the bum during throw-ins

Sevilla’s Lucas Ocampos was the victim of a fan poking him in the butt inappropriately during Monday’s LaLiga game between Sevilla and Rayo Vallecano.

In the first half a young Rayo Vallecano supporter crossed the line when he was seen putting his finger in Ocampos’ backside. Ocampos immediately turned around and informed the referee of the fan’s gross act.

Ocampos finger incident

While the fan was young, we can all agree he deserves to be punished. One of the first rules we learn as kids is to keep your hands to yourself. This young Rayo Vallecano fan clearly never learned that lesson.

The youngster could be in serious trouble as both clubs have condemned the incident, the Spain’s players’ Union said the fan must be punished and the police have identified the fan.

Ocampos voiced his displeasure about the fan after the game saying he hopes the matter is treated as seriously as LaLiga deals with racism.

“I hope LaLiga takes it as seriously as it takes racism and these things,” Ocampos said to DAZN España after the game.

“There is always one fool and I hope it doesn’t happen in other areas because, if it happens in women’s football, we know what can happen. I kept my calm because I have two daughters and I hope that tomorrow it doesn’t happen to them.”

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