French player Jeremy Menez gets two yellow cards in six seconds for sarcasm

French striker Jeremy Menez received two yellow cards in the span of six seconds on Tuesday when the referee wasn’t a fan of his sarcastic clapping.

The incident occurred in stoppage time of the Serie B game between Menez’s Bari FC and Andrea Pirlo’s Sampdoria.

In the 95th minute Menez received a yellow card. Things appeared to be normal. That was until Menez gave the referee a sarcastic round of applause for the booking and in an instant the other yellow card came out.

Jeremy Menez red card vs. Sampdoria

This might be the quickest double-yellow card incident we’ve seen. The referee was itching to pull that red card out and leapt at the opportunity to send someone off.

Menez had come on as a substitute in the 64th minute but had an early exit.

The incident marked the eighth time in Menez’s career that he’s been given a red card. The 36-year-old journeyman has been just about everywhere including playing for the France national team, Monaco, Roma, PSG, AC Milan and Club América.

The guy has traveled the world, but we imagine these two quick yellow cards won’t rank very high on his favorite memories as a player.

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