Unbelievable! Here’s How Italy Could Still Go To The World Cup

Peru could be excluded from the World Cup by FIFA for political reasons, which would open the door for Italy.

As unbelievable as it sounds, Italy could still go to the World Cup. Peru is looking at trouble as they could possibly be excluded from the international championship by FIFA should a Congress initiative become effective.

The problem is that the initiative, proposed by legislator Paloma Noceda, would potentially result in the government taking over the Peruvian FA.

Peru World Cup

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This is not allowed by FIFA, which strongly opposes state intervention in sporting matters.

There is even a precedent when FIFA banned Kenya from all international competitions in 2004 as a consequence of alleged government intervention in the affairs of the Kenya Football Federation.

There is fear in the South American nation that this law will affect Peru’s participation in the international competition. 

However, legislator Paloma Noceda has now come forward attempting to dissipate such concerns claiming the initiative will not affect the national soccer federation.

The hope has regardless been taken up in Italy, with the journal Corriere dello Sport stating there is still chance the Squadra Azzurra could partake in next year’s world championship.


Italian fans

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It is quite a long shot, but the news has sparked the illusion in Italy. At the same time, Peru has grown wary of the danger of missing the World Cup after qualifying for the first time in over 35 years.

Who would you rather see playing in Russia: Peru or Italy?

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