I Know Some Sports Stuff

Obligatory March Madness post even though we're a soccer website.

The sports, they have been good this month.

The Champions League is in full swing. Every college basketball fan on the planet is issuing friendly reminders that THIS IS MARCH. Hockey is doing hockey things. Baseball is still in the background, where it belongs. American football is far enough removed from our sports consciousness that we don't constantly feel guilty for liking it.

So, sports!

Now, as far as sports are concerned there can be no doubt where our loyalties lie. Soccer is great and amazing even though in response to this post we'll get a lot of mean Facebook comments saying, in order, "how dare you disrespect the beautiful game by writing about another sport", "actually, it's football, you stupid American" and, weirdly, "respect a legend".

That said . . . 


College basketball is also good.


That is the reason I've taken time out of my real job writing about soccer to glance repeatedly at the NCAA college basketball tournament happenings. Currently, in my world, one of those plucky "underdogs" is trying for an upset against *squints* Princeton.

People like to talk about the wildness of soccer's knockout tournaments, and I won't fight you if you think those are better. Barcelona's comeback against PSG was one of the most incredible sporting moments I can remember. If you would like to see more of that sort of thing, but you don't want to watch the Europa League, you should consider watching the NCAA basketball tournament. It's fun.

And if you make me pull together one of these at the last minute again I will fight you, Bryce.

For more coverage of the NCAA tournament, go to literally any website for a bracket of things tangientially related to the regular content of said website.

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