The Hottest Soccer Wives And Girlfriends on Instagram

OK. We know what you're thinking. What do the Instagram accounts of the wives and girlfriends of famous soccer players have to do with actual soccer? 

To this we say, who cares? We've scoured the social-sphere to find the best-of-the-best when it comes to the beautiful wives and girlfriends of the top soccer players in the world - and, who knows, maybe if you follow one of these ladies on Instagram, from time to time you'll catch a photo of a famous player as well.

Irina Shayk (@irinashayk): Ex - Girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau (@Yolanthecabau): Wesley Sneijder's Wife

Ann Kathrin Brömmel (@annkathrinbrommel): Mario Gotze's Girlfriend 


Shakira (@Shakira): Gerard Pique's Wife (Or, Maybe More Accurately, Gerard Pique Is Shakira's Husband)


Laia Grassi (@laiyls): Alexis Sanchez's Girlfriend


Gabriella Lenzi (@gabriellalenzi): Neymar's Ex-Girlfriend 


Lena Gercke (@lenegercke): Sami Khedira's Wife

Bruna Marquezine (@brumarquezine): Also Neymar's Ex-Girlfriend

Antonella Roccuzzo (@antoruccuzzo88) and Daniella Semaan (@4ladyd): Leo Messi and Cesc Fabregas' Wives


Amra Silajdzic (@amra_silajdzic) Edin Dzeko's Girlfriend 

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