He Signed A Dream Contract With Barcelona. It Was All Over In A Matter Of Hours

Sergi Guardiola is 24 years old, which is certainly old enough to know that nowadays potential employers always check out your social media accounts for bad stuff.

This is why every college and career counselor ever tells you to make sure your social media accounts are either squeaky clean or uber-private before you apply for jobs, to make sure your reputation isn't damaged in the eyes of potential employers.

Guardiola, it appears, has never talked to a career counselor (we don't even know if European footballers have that sort of thing), because he went from this:

To this:

In just a matter of hours.And what could Guardiola have said to anger his new employers so much? (Warning: cursing in Spanish ahead)

Oof, can't be saying that about your new bosses. It's bad for company culture. Guardiola claims, as people tend to do in these sorts of situations, that he was hacked. 

Never mind that if in fact he was hacked he should have deleted the offending tweets right away, maybe if you're an athlete or other kind of public figure you should a) not lend your phone to people when you have Twitter open and b)change your password once in a while. 

Matter of fact, that's sound advice for anybody.

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