Harry Kane undergoes a personal transformation while eating wings on Hot Ones

Harry Kane has won a trophy — a trophy in the game of life by successfully eating 10 increasingly spicy wings on "Hot Ones" and living to tell the tale.

His people missed a pretty big opportunity to announce a transfer to Bayern Munich while sweating profusely and with tears in his eyes after eating wing #10, so if you're a Tottenham supporter you've got nothing to worry about.

For the rest of you, I know what you've come to see: Harry Kane's facial reactions. 

Wing #1: Classic hot sauce

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Happy Harry: "Maybe I've been a hot sauce person all along!"

Wing #2: Curry Verde

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Humble Harry: "We've got curry in England!"

Wing #3: Zesty Lemon Pepper hot sauce

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Hubris Harry: "Oh, no. This might've been a mistake."

Wing #4: Chile Lengua de Fuego 

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Hacking Harry: "Save me Sonny! Save me Mr. Levy!"

Wing #5: Los Calientes Rojo

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Hallucinating Harry: "I'm trying to talk about improving my left foot but only thinking of the demon in my throat." 

Wing #6: The Spicy Shark

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Hazard Harry: "I'm beginning to leak from every orifice."

Wing #7: Adoboloco Jalapeñochico 

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Horror Harry: "I've got the lip tingle!"

Wing #8: DA' BOMB

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Hagard Harry: "It's a disgrace of a sauce." 

Wing #9: Alchemy Peppers Watermelon Ghost

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Hellish Harry: "My mouth is just scorched Earth. Nothing matters anymore."

Wing #10: Apollo Hot Sauce

Harry Kane Hot Ones

Hotheaded Harry: "That went straight up my nose pretty much."

If you too want to spend 20 minutes watching Harry Kane eat wings, here's the full episode. People are saying "he did good," but I don't really know what that means. I think they should have to eat the whole wing, not just one bite, and then we can talk about "doing good."

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