Greece Suspended All Soccer Competitions Because Somebody Reportedly Set A Ref's House On Fire

All soccer competitions in Greece have been suspended after an alleged "arson attack" on the home of a referee.

A lot of people have complaints about the MLS, and that's fine, but at least the government here didn't have to put all soccer competitions on hold because someone tried to burn down a referee's house. That's what happened in Greece.

The Guardian reported an "arson attack" on the home of Greece's refereeing chief, Giorgos Bikas, Wednesday morning and the temporary suspension of soccer competitions (until the incident can be fully investigated) that followed.

No one was injured in the attack. 

We are of the opinion that you shouldn't set anyone's house on fire, but that's just us. Maybe some other people disagree. Lotta room for debate here.

We just hope they remember that Greece fires need to be smothered.

(H/T The Guardian)

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