He Won’t Care How It Went In Because Grealish Has Scored His First Manchester City Goal

We’ll talk about that celebration too.

Jack Grealish bagged his first goal for Manchester City on Saturday against Norwich City.

The goal itself won’t be one that fans will be talking about for years to come. Hell, we probably won’t be talking about it by next week. Grealish won’t care as a huge weight on his shoulders is now gone.

Jack Grealish First Goal For Manchester City

Grealish got quite fortunate with the deflection, but he officially has his goal. He celebrated the moment by hitting Memphis Depay’s celebration to shut out the haters. Almost every media outlet posted about Grealish’s celebration.

Let’s talk about Mr. Grealish’s celebration. We’ll look at this from two perspectives: glass half full and glass half empty.

Glass Half Full

Fantastic work Grealish. The $100 million plus man has all eyes on him to get on the scoresheet. As the most expensive English transfer in the history of soccer, some people are expecting him to fall short of the mark.

So, to score on his home debut in front of the thousands at Etihad Stadium had to have been a great feeling. With a plethora of critics claiming he won’t deliver, he let them know he isn’t listening.

Glass Half Empty

This is a weird celebration to hit given the circumstances. For starters, the goal is about as least impressive as they come. Sure, they all count the same, but Grealish’s goal was a lucky deflection that required minimal skill.

On top of that, he scored against NORWICH. According to Transfermarkt’s numbers, Norwich’s starting XI on Saturday was worth $101.53 million. Grealish’s transfer fee was $129.25 million.

To summarize, Grealish cost most than Norwich’s entire team, he scored a lucky deflection, his team went on to win 5-0 and he decided that was the time to hit Depay’s silence the haters celebration. Weird flex but OK.

What do you think? Are you a glass half full or empty kind of person?

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