English FA Helps Out The Little Guys By Increasing FA Cup Prize Money

In what can only be described as fantastic news, the English Football Association (FA) has decided to increase the FA Cup prize money. 

The news really did fly under the radar for many fans, but it is our duty to provide you with this important piece of information.

The 2018-19 FA Cup prize money is almost double what it was from the previous editions of English football’s most prestigious trophy. From the point of winning a First Round Qualifying match, the prize money doubled for every stage. 

Something else that is different about the 2018-19 FA Cup is that the losers of the Extra Preliminary Round and the Preliminary Round receive money. It is a little bit like a participation trophy, but for clubs in the lower tiers of English football, any money is certainly welcomed into the club.

Believe it or not, the FA Cup has already kicked off, with the Extra Preliminary Rounds in the books. Three matches took place on the Aug. 10, so now you can be a smarty pants to your friends and say that the FA Cup has already started.

There are some true diehard fans in England who support teams in the lower echelons of the football pyramid in England, so don’t think the FA Cup just starts with the First Round Proper. 

There are other clubs in England besides the Premier League, so educate yourself and maybe get behind one of the lower teams! They welcome all support, and some of them have some cracking Twitter accounts. Sometimes the social media manager is one of the players and has to relinquish his Twitter duties because he is being substituted on.

Here’s to more money for the clubs that need it, and to ALL clubs in English football!

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