David Beckham's reaction to Messi's unreal free kick is going viral. And it's pure joy.

David Beckham's reaction to Lionel Messi's late-game free kick against FC Dallas is pure joy.

It came in the 85th minute of Inter Miami's game versus FC Dallas in the Leagues Cup as his side needed an equalizer.

Here's the free kick in case you missed it.

A fan happened to be filming and to catch Beckham's candid reaction on camera as he celebrated wildly with his family, which goes to show that even one of the world's greatest players (and free kick takers) can be in awe of the GOAT.

Messi has now scored seven goals in four matches for Inter Miami. Taking into account his playing time, this boils down to one goal every 42 minutes.

This means Messi is scoring goals three times faster than current MLS leading goalscorer Henry Mukhtar, whose 13 league goals have come at a rate of one goal every 152 minutes. This also means Messi is scoring goals faster than it would take you to run your laundry machine, which is unfortunate because Inter Miami fans are going to need to wash their pants frequently if he keeps scoring goals this quickly. 

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