Cristiano Ronaldo’s Stupidly Expensive Car Crashes Into Building

According to estimates, Cristiano Ronaldo has the second-most expensive car collection of any soccer player. That value may have gone down on Monday after his Bugatti Veyron reportedly crashed into a house while the Portuguese star was on vacation in Majorca.

According to reports, Ronaldo’s Bugatti Veyron veered off the road on Monday morning in Majorca. Ronaldo was not driving — an employee of his was at the wheel — and no injuries were reported. However, reports suggest significant damage was done to the $2.08 million vehicle. 

El Periodico Mediterraneo reported the Bugatti hit a butane cylinder shed, destroying the structure. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has been on vacation since the 2021-22 season and June international window ended. The Manchester United star striker and his family have been in Majorca since June 14.

If any footballer can afford a wrecked $2 million car, it’s probably Ronaldo, so he doesn’t need your sympathy. He can just hop into one of his many other cars worth more than you’ll make in a year.

What he will take is more likes on his sexy vacation photos, so here’s another pic he posted while on vacay in Spain. 

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