Atrocious Tackle In Copa Libertadores Is Worthy Of The Red Card d'Or

The match between Palmeiras and Atlético Mineiro in the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals on Wednesday night gave us one of the worst tackles we’ve seen in 2022.

After an entertaining first leg where they tied 2-2, the second leg promised more considering the stakes at play. But what we thought would be an interesting match began with a horrible red card.

Danilo Red Card vs. Atlético Mineiro

In the first half, a very violent tackle from Danilo (Palmeiras) on Mineiro’s Zaracho saw the Brazilian sent off the pitch and left the back-to-back Libertadores champions with one less.

Absolutely brutal.

To think the referee had to use VAR to send him off and Palmeiras players had the audacity to contest the foul. That's South American soccer for you.

Will Palmeiras three-peat the Libertadores?

With the champions’ luck and playing with nine on the pitch after another red card, the Porco managed to push the series to a penalty shootout where they came out on top and defeated the Galos.

Palmeiras will again play the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores and fight to win their third consecutive final.

Highlights Palmeiras vs. Atlético Mineiro

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