CONCACAF Mandatory Hydration Breaks Probably Have Nothing To Do With BODYARMOR Sponsorship

We're like 99% sure that the mandatory hydration breaks during the USA vs Panama Gold Cup match have nothing to do with the "hydration partnership" between CONCACAF and sports drink maker BODYARMOR

Look guys, we're relatively certain that the mandatory hydration breaks during the 2017 Gold Cup match between the USA and Panama have nothing to do with CONCACAF's newly announced "hydration partnership" with sports drink maker BODYARMOR. We know it's tempting to think that there is some connection here, but settle down. You don't want to end up like the guy in "A Beautiful Mind." It's a great movie. You should watch it. But it's got nothing to do with what's happening here.

We can assure you, it just looks like there might be a connection because both CONCACAF and BODYARMOR like to spell their names in all CAPS, like they are screaming at you. But we assure you, there is PROBABLY NO CONNECTION HERE.

Besides, FIFA ordered mandatory hydration breaks for players during the 2014 World Cup because of heat. And if FIFA couldn't figure out how to monetize said hydration breaks, no one can.


Let's review the facts:

1. On June 30th, CONCACAF announced the partnership with BODYARMOR

2. In the days before the USA vs Panama match, BODYARMOR tweeted innocuously about how excited the company was to hydrate Gold Cup matches

3.  Three hours before the match, CONCACAF reminded us about the partnership in case we forgot

4. During the pre-game show, FOX reporters couldn't stop talking about the temperature and how sophisticated CONCACAF is in measuring the heat with a "wet bulb"

5. During first half hydration break, CONCACAF retweeted a BODYARMOR photo chosen at random

Case closed. You can clearly see there is no connection here.


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