Champions League Final Delayed 36 Minutes After Chaos Outside The Stadium

The 2022 Champions League Final — the most anticipated match of the year featuring Real Madrid and Liverpool, two of the world's most-followed clubs — was delayed 36 minutes after chaos outside the Stade de France in Paris resulted in the closure of gates and the slow filtering of supporters into the Liverpool end.

The original postponement was for 15 minutes, although an additional 15 was later added, as UEFA initially blamed the late arrival of Liverpool fans for the delay.

Social media quickly called out UEFA's bullshit with a myriad of on-location tweets from respected journalists and with video emerging of UEFA's preposterous organization for the showpiece event. 

It really looks like they hired about 15 temps, paid them $25 and said "well that's more than enough." 

Liverpool sent a massive contingent of around 60,000 to Paris and the supporters with tickets largely stayed packed together as they waited to filter through. However, given the chaos that naturally erupted as kick-off approached and things stood at a standstill, some ticketless individuals took advantage of UEFA's terrible setup by hopping the fences and sprinting into the ground.

Security's response was to start pepper-spraying Liverpool fans — children included. 

The tension outside the ground made its way in as everyone struggled to understand what was happening. In the face of all this, Camila Cabello then came out to sing a few songs. It was not an enviable position to be put in.  

By the time the final actually kicked off, the Liverpool end had largely filled with supporters. There haven't been any reported injuries, but that's no thanks to the organizers.

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