The Best And Worst Soccer Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Professional soccer players like to have fun on Halloween, just like the rest of us.

Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux aren’t the only star soccer players to dress up for Halloween. The ghoulish - or downright silly - sentiment streams across the world and you'll be happy to know some of the world's best players dress up for Halloween. We hope they do it again this year.

Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst costumes from the past couple of years:

2012 Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan as USA Olympic gymnasts:

(Photo:@AlexMorgan13 | Twitter)

2013 Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan as Robin Thick and Miley Cyrus:

(Photo: @Sydneyleroux | Twitter)

Lionel Messi as Quico el Chavo:

(Photo: Latin Times) 

Ronaldo as a Spaniard:

(Photo: Latin Times) 

Alejandro Bedoya with his family as Mario:

Robin van Persie and Rio Ferdinand as a vampire and zombie: 

(Photo: @Rioferdy5 | Instagram)

Michael Carrick and Family: 

(@DVansshoes | Twitter)

Neymar copies Messi as Quico el Chavo

(Photo: @SDPNoticias)

Neymar's photo shoot for an ice-cream company that he did back in 2012.

Talk about regret. 

(Photo: My Heart Beats Football)

(Photo: My Heart Beats Football)

Neymar as an alien:

(Photo: Yahoo Sports)

(Photo: Yahoo Sports)

Neymar as Elvis:

(Photo: Soccer Shock)

(Photo: Soccer Shock)