Arsenal Had A Good Run

After Arsenal's 3-0 loss to Crystal Palace, we should look back at how remarkably consistent they've been (until now) under Wenger.

Arsenal lost 3-0 to Crystal Palace today, putting a real squeeze on their top four chances. After years and years of consistent success, it feels weird for the Gunners to be on the outside looking in.

Many eras came to an end today: the above, possibly the era of Arsenal qualifying for the Champions League, also possibly the era of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal and the era of Mesut Ozil not having been nutmegged into oblivion by Wilfried Zaha.

It all had to end eventually. The law of averages can be a cruel force in the universe, and Arsenal fans are feeling its effects right now.

But hey, chin up! The only reason it hurts so bad is because they were so good before. Now, the next time Arsenal are really good, you guys will be able to appreciate it more! It totally works like that. Trust me.

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