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Quarantine Fits: The Best Vintage Soccer Jerseys To Do Nothing In

18 jerseys that are guaranteed to impress your cat.

WARNING: Classic Football Shirts is really fun to browse but you will go broke. 

Before Puma decided that when it came to Per Mertesacker’s body, nothing should be left to the imagination, jerseys were essentially built for quarantine. Forsaking the modern urban fit for that of a parachute, these were shirts that you could grow into for years and years and years — perfect for the figure you’ve achieved over the last two months.  

These retro kits effectively combine the comfort and security of sweats with the stylish drip of garments that let people know, yes, you do still care and are trying your best, although your best is decidedly less these days. 

The18 Best Vintage Soccer Jerseys To Do Nothing In Except Look Great

#1. 1990-92 Ireland Away Shirt 

Vintage Ireland jersey

#2. 1994-95 Roma Home Shirt

Vintage Roma jersey

#3. 2005 USMNT Away Shirt — SPECTOR #8  

Vintage USMNT jersey

Vintage USMNT jersey

#4. 1996-98 River Plate Home Shirt

Vintage River Plate jersey

#5. 1994-95 Athletic Bilbao Home Shirt

Vintage Bilbao jersey

#6. 1992-95 Uruguay Home Shirt

Vintage Uruguay jersey

#7. 2002-04 Portugal Home L/S Shirt — FIGO #7

Vintage Portugal jersey

Vintage Portugal jersey

#8. 1993 J.League West Kodak All Star

Vintage Japan jersey

#9. 2011-13 Zanzibar Home Shirt

Vintage Zanzibar jersey

#10. 1998-00 Jamaica Away Shirt

Vintage Jamaica jersey

#11. 1992-93 Fiorentina Home Shirt

Vintage Fiorentina jersey

#12. 2001-03 West Ham Away Shirt

Vintage West Ham jersey

#13. 1989-91 Soviet Union Home Shirt

Soviet Union

#14. 1994-97 Brazil Home Shirt — RONALDINHO #18

Vintage Brazil jersey

Vintage Brazil jersey

#15. 1996-98 Spain Home Shirt

Vintage Spain jersey

#16. 1984-86 Forfar Athletic Away Shirt

Vintage Forfar jersey

#17. 1996-97 Espanyol Home Shirt

Vintage Espanyol jersey

#18. 1979-80 Vancouver Whitecaps Home Shirt

Vintage Vancouver jersey

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