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You Can Now Casually Dress Like Legendary Referee Pierluigi Collina

Thanks to TENS CLUB, it’s now dope af to rock a referee jersey on a Tuesday.

If you’ve ever refereed at any level of the game, you’ll know that the job’s garments ain’t no thang. The referee’s jersey is comfortably oversized, lightweight and sensible, what with its dual pockets and smart collar. Hell, you’ve probably slightly copped out and pretended to be the legendary Pierluigi Collina for Halloween. It’s fun to record peoples’ indiscretions into a little book and theatrically show them a card, all while lounging comfortably.

But outside of Halloween and off the pitch, it’s never been entirely socially acceptable to dress like a ref.

Until now. While the other kids stroll around town in the latest Barcelona or Manchester United kits, why don't you set yourself apart in this TENS Club “Pierluigi” Referee Jersey

Pierluigi Collina

Photo: @lucasshanks | Twitter

Pierluigi Collina

Photo: @lucasshanks | Twitter

Avaialbe in either black or yellow from TENS CLUB, the shirt is a “100% polyester two-pocket referee jersey with “Collina Eyes” patch and TENS CLUB graphics.”

It’s up to you whether or not you decide to leave it tucked or untucked, but it’s never a bad idea to hike your britches, amirite Millennials? 


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