Is That Italy’s New Away Kit Or The Landing Page Of A Website?

Minimalist branding on a neutral background isn’t always hip and fresh.

Hey! Are you totally infatuated with Major League Soccer’s collection of generic white jerseys? Well get ready to put some major hurt on your bank account because Puma’s new line of international away kits aren’t just colorlessly nonspecific, they also give you the impression of having landed on some unaffectedly chill website for a consulting firm. 

I remember when Italy used to wear kits so fashion-forward that they genuinely looked like a collection of demigods that’d fallen from Mount Vesuvius. 

Italy national team

Photo: Getty Images

Now they look like they’re here to fix your desktop. 

Italy away kit 2021

 "We're celebrating the soft launch of our new startup!" Photo: SoccerBible

And while it’s sacrilegious to hoist such garments on the Azzurri, things don’t look any better for the Czech Republic or Switzerland.

Czech Republic Away Kit 

Czech Republic away kit

This guy understandably doesn't want his photo taken in the shirt. Photo: SoccerBible

Switzerland Away Kit

Switzerland away kit

"Look at that cloud! It looks like unimaginative design!" Photo: SoccerBible 

Austria’s away kit is the pick of the bunch. 

Austria Away kit

Better. Photo: SoccerBible

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