Xabi Alonso Has An Impressive Collection Of Watches

Xabi Alonso is a sophisticate. You should have watches like him.

"Inside Mr Xabi Alonso's Impressive Watch Collection" — is there a less-surprising video title on Youtube?

Look at that man. This man has different watches for different occasions, and not like a nice watch for fancy occasions, a regular watch for everyday use and a crappy one for outdoor activities. 

Xabi Alonso's watch collection is more along the lines of "this one's for galas in Spain and this one's for galas in Germany and this one's for galas in England and this one's for awards ceremonies and this one's for garden parties."

(Xabi Alonso did not actually say that. I do not want you to think that he actually said that.)

I do want you to think, though, that Xabi Alonso's watch collection is very impressive and we bet the only footballers who can match him for watch sophistication are maybe Bastian Schweinsteiger and definitely Andrea Pirlo.

On one hand, if you met someone at a party and they said they were really passionate about their watch collection, you'd go get another drink and spend the rest of the time avoiding that person. On the other hand, if that person was Xabi Alonso you'd want totalk to him all night.

Even if all he wants to talk about is watches.

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