Griezmann Really Wants Some Finger Bling To Commemorate France’s World Cup

France and Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Greizmann has made his love for America’s sports culture no secret. Let us remind you of last week, when he interrupted Paul Pogba’s post-World Cup interview to exclaim his love for Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Derrick Rose. Antoine Griezmann interrupted Pogba’s interview to say: “I love Derrick Rose.”

Thank you for that Greizi, good to know. Or then there was the decidedly less wholesome incident around October of last year. The World Cup final Man of the Match found himself in some very hot water after posting an Instagram of himself dressed up as a Harlem Globbetrotter, sporting blackface. Griezmann took the photo down and rightfully apologized but you get the picture. The man’s got a particular affinity for the sports world across the pond.

No doubt inspired by the NBA and NFL trend of giving championship winning teams an ostentatious bit of fingerwear to show off and memorialize their victory, Griezmann has made his desire for a World Cup championship ring known after a Beverly Hills jeweler sent a design idea to the French Football Federation. 


It's like a little kid on Christmas who wants a toy. Photo: @antogriezmann | Instagram

The LA store most recently designed the ring for the Golden State Warriors when they won the first of their back-to-back NBA championships back in 2017. 

Griezmann is the most vocal proponent of the rings so far but some others have expressed their approval (we have a feeling Pogba is probably one of those on board…See: his love for outlandish things). The cost of the ring is expected to be a hefty $14,000 each, so it remains to be seen whether the FFF will try to make a deal happen. If not, Griezmann and Co. will just have to pay out of pocket.

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