What If We Didn't Like Playing Soccer?

A Facebook commenter has our collective heads spinning.

We got a very interesting Facebook comment on a recent article.

what if

What would happen? What would we do? We thought about it and made a list. Here's what we would do if we didn't like playing soccer:


Write a screenplay

Go back to school

Investigate who really killed JFK

Play MarioKart

Get caught up on bills and stuff

Visit every National Park

Find the Holy Grail

Finally read "Infinite Jest"

Volunteer for charities

Go camping

Learn a foreign language

Join the Peace Corps

Reconnect with old friends

Build an apocalypse shelter

Meet Bruce Willis

Go to the dentist

Build a time machine, go back in time and kill Hitler

Climb mount Everest

Watch TV

Make friends

Have significant others

Get jobs

Hang around

Do stuff

Take the trash out

Play other sports

Go on vacation

Take a nap

Go to the movies

Get a dog

Walk the dog

Do the dishes

Become a ninja

Swim across the English Channel

Sail around the world

Go to space

Go to space again

Knit a scarf

And maybe a hat to go with it

And some mittens

Learn to drive a stick shift

Think about death

Bake a cake

Go to the bank

Swim with the dolphins

Get attacked by a shark

The end

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