What Is Going On In This Picture Cristiano Ronaldo Tweeted?

We are so confused. So very confused.

Cristiano Ronaldo has broken reality. Frankly we're surprised it took him this long. He has a history of sending out tweets of himself brooding in various odd places/positions while showing his muscles, but the man has outdone himself.

I have about a thousand questions regarding this photo, and they all boil down to "what?"

Seriously what? What's going on underneath Ronaldo's shirtless torso? Is he wearing pants? Shorts? A speedo? Why does he look like he's trapped in a futuristic dungeon? Seriously he looks like he's brooding while shirtless in the video for the Disturbed "Sound of Silence" cover. Is this what taking hallucinogens is like? I've never taken hallucinogens, but surely they can't lead to anything weirder than this image!

This is as far as my brain can go into the situation without exploding. Maybe it has already exploded. Maybe that's why I'm seeing this image, and the image isn't even real? Am I living in an alternate reality? Are any of you seeing this too? 

Can anyone help me? Is there even anyone else out there?


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