Fabregas Annoys Neighborhood Trying To Be Eddie Murphy While MLS Star Juggles Gold

If you have ever wondered what some of the greatest football stars are doing with their spare time, the answer is either working out or having fun.

The majority of players are sharing their post-workout pictures to show everyone how they’re staying in top form.

Then there are players like Cesc Fabregas, James Milner and Colorado Rapids striker Kei Kamara who are spreading joy through Twitter with different shenanigans.

If small children are nearby while reading this article, please be advised to lower your volume as Fabregas did his best Eddie Murphy impersonation from the 1988 film Coming To America.

The Spaniard gets an “E” for effort. The current Monaco midfielder awaits the restart of Ligue 1 during the break.

Across the pond, MLS striker Kamara is keeping his footwork skills sharp with a unique “ball.” 

With the shortage of toilet paper in the world, Kamara is basically juggling a block of gold right now. This is one of the hardest quarantine flexes seen since that one idiot bought 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer.

Another player hard at work is James Milner making sure his lawn is in tip-top shape.

It’s important that in times of great uncertainty we can still have a laugh.

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